Fonts in the block "Statements"

Jan 26, 2021

Hi, if you have put in your own custom fonts in RISE for body and headings, is there a way to also have the custom fonts in the blocks Statement A, Statement B, Statement C, Statement D & Note?

At the moment, neither of my custom fonts are in the Statements. I have no idea what font RISE has automatically put in for them. But it's not the same, like you would expect. You should surely be able to change the fonts there to match the fonts in the rest of your course?

If anyone can help, thanks

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Angelo Cruz

Hi Matthew!

Great news! The issue with the incorrect fonts in Statement B and Statement D blocks has been fixed.

Since Rise is a web app, you don't need to install anything. New features and fixes are immediately available. You may need to export your Rise 360 course again to reflect the changes in your web server or LMS.

If you have any questions about this, please let me know.

Mary Kohlmann

Hi! Not sure if this should be a separate thread or not, but I'm wondering why the text in Notes blocks is appearing as some kind of serif font, rather than our body font of Open Sans (see attached screenshot). Do Notes blocks default to the course's heading font or something? If so, is there a way to change that? Thanks!