General moan about image sizes in Rise 360

Sep 22, 2022

I'm trying to upload an infographic as an image, but the centred image option is too small, so I've opted for 'Image full width', but the image crops in weird ways. I've tried a couple of workarounds with the dimensions of the image, but keep getting varying sizes.

I noticed that it's possible to upload the image as a labelled graphic and set that to full width, or medium which gives you a slightly larger image than the standard centred image, but doesn't give the learner the option to zoom in like other image blocks.

In addition to this, there's a drop in image quality, which isn't ideal either. I understand that this is due to compression settings, but it's a bit frustrating to spend an hour designing something, to then have the quality drop when you upload it. 

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Jeanne Bernui

_NOPROCESS_  .... you forgot the "O" in NO:)   I put it at the end of the image file name. For example: image3_NOPROCESS_.png

I've been told that you can put it at the beginning of the file name, too. I've never done it that way. It's easier for me to just tack it on to the end. 

I do it on every image I add to a Rise course since I learned about it in a Yukon Learning webinar!

Karl Muller

Hi Tim.

_NOPROCESS_ is documented here: 

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