How to autohide the controls of the video player, in a Rise Video Block ?

Mar 18, 2021

Hello Everyone,

I have imported a video into a Rise Video Block.
Then I preview the course and press the “Play” button of the video player.

Then when I press the “Pause” button of the video player,
the controls of the video player get displayed through a dark overlay.

This dark overlay is very inconvenient in an e-learning context,
since trainees cannot see clearly the content, when it is covered.

I would expect, that the controls disappear automatically after a timeout.
Windows Media Player and QuickTime Player have this behaviour by default.

How to autohide the controls of the video player, in a Rise Video Block,
after a timeout is reached ?

Thank you for your help,

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Renz Sevilla

Hi Xavier, thanks for reaching out and sharing your feedback!

That is the default behavior of the built-in player to show the controls at all times. There isn't a way without modifying the published output to autohide the control of the player.

What I can suggest is for your learners to press the Picture in Picture button, which will pop out the video and then resize it and move it. There are no player control overlays and the dark overlay does not stay in the Picture in Picture mode.

Another idea design-wise if your learners are having problems with seeing what's at the bottom of the video when pausing, is to add black cinematic bars to the top and bottom of the video.

This will center the content so even if the player buttons are there, they don't cover any content.

Xavier L

Hello Renz,

The “Picture-in-Picture” suggestion does not meet our requirement,
since too many manipulations would be needed for all videos.

The “black cinematic bars” suggestion does not meet our requirement,
since there would be an important waste of space in the resulting page.

In an e-learning context, I think, that it is a common requirement,
to let trainees see the video content, when the video is paused.

Therefore, I expected, that Rise would meet this requirement out of the box.
But I now understand, that it does not currently.

Thank you for your help,

Ulrich Werth

Hello Renz

We also find it quite annoying to have this dominant player inside the content. A behavior like with Storyline items where the control is underneath the content frame would be ideal.

These control-popup-features are OK when having small mobile phone screen sizes in mind, but for e-learning all our users have a decent PC screen size. Anyway, most of our content would be too small to watch on a small screen.

Therefore we still hope for an alternative solution to save a lot of content rework time.

Kind regards