HTML code content and search feature with RISE

Hi there -

I am developing a RISE eBook on Accessibility for our software engineers.

There are sections of the eBook that provide short examples of HTML code in the text.  These code examples render just fine in the browser unless you use the search feature.  If you perform a search in the eBook, all the HTML code elements are read by the browser as code, not as text, and renders the HTML object defined by the code, rather than just plain text.

I've attached two screen shots.  The first one is "before search" and what the eBook text looks like without using the search feature.  The second screen shot is of the same eBook text after searching for the term "HTML."

As you can see, we get the same results using a Text Block and a Code Snippet Block.  We thought the Code Snippet block would prevent this, but it doesn't appear to.

Any thoughts?

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Anthony Karcz

Hey, Jason! That's definitely unexpected behavior. I tried it out on my end and had similar results. 

When you have a minute, reach out to our Support Team. They'll get all the information needed so that we can dig in and find out what's going on. You can submit a case here.

Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.