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Jeremy Larson

I commented on here 6 months ago about our companies need for a hyperlinked image. While I still prefer to use Rise for our specific needs, other groups within our organization are starting to look to alternate tools for e-learning. I am hoping if this problem isn't already on your roadmap it is now and will be addressed soon. Thank you!

Martin Iwinski

I just revisited this thread after a while and yes, our team is still waiting for this basic functionality to link images to sections within the Rise course or external links.

We're using Rise more and more as new features are introduced. However, we're still hesitant to embrace it because of some limitations like this one... basic image linking that's standard throughout the web.

Hope Articulate follows through on this request soon!

Crystal Horn

Hi everyone,

Hearing your input on this feature request has been valuable. I want to be sure we capture exactly what you have in mind for image linking. Specifically:

  • What is the benefit of linking an image instead of text or using a button?
  • Tell me about specific examples of how you'd use a linked image in your course.

Thanks again for helping us understand how you use Rise 360!

JC Blanchard

Hi Crystal,

Here are a few examples of why I like to link images.

When linking to websites, I like to use screencaptures of the websites (and reduce the size) and use them as clickable links, instead of just linking words. Advantages of this is the user has a preview of where he is going so he knows he is in the right spot when he gets there.

Maybe he has seen the website before and will recognize it from the screencapture, saving him an uncessary trip back and forth. When visiting external websites are optional, images help user decide if the links present any interest, making it easier to decide if it's worth clicking.

And lastly, when using several links, it makes for a more appealing design than those underlined words.

Another use is buttons. To avoid a list of underlined words, I like to create links with easily recognizable buttons, especially if those buttons appear at many locations in the course. For instance, I could use the Apple logo if I want to direct students to the Apple site. If I have a help page, I would design a help button and use it repeatedly. Same thing with many other links like "download", "more info", etc.

Jeremy Larson

For our companies specific needs we would like to have an image (representing a software simulation) that users can click on to launch a Storyline software simulation in a new window/tab. I know we can embed Storyline files directly into a Rise course, but because of the size of the text/images in the simulation, it would be unreadable unless it is presented at full screen (hence why we want an image that users click to force users to open the Storyline file in a new window/tab. 

However, we currently have our all content in Rise located within tabs. SO until you guys fix the issue were we can no longer have images in tabs, it is probably a moot issue (https://community.articulate.com/discussions/rise-360/cannot-paste-images-on-interactive-tab-in-rise). 

What I am hoping for is that Rise will allow BOTH images to be hyperlinks AND images to be pasted within tabs.

Thank you!

Claude B Abbott

How can I add a link to text within my content. I have pdf files that I would like to link to within my content, is there a way to do this? I have several pdf's that I would like my students to view, and would like to be able to link to the pdf and store them as resources within my course, I don't see this option withing RISE 360. Can anyone advise how I can do this?


Claude B Abbott

Hi Allison, thanks for the quick reply. I saw the attachment block in the Multimedia tab, that lets me attach the document, but what I was looking for was a way to highlight some text, and attach a link to a pdf so when the student clicks on the highlighted text the document opens, rather than have to attach the pdf below the content. Anyway to do this?


Kylee Barnard

Hi, Crystal. For me, I am designing a course that is going to reference third-parties who we may have partnerships with and I want my students to easily access their websites. While I could add a button or text below the logos of each third-party, it would make it less visually appealing. So I would rather just make the logos of each company directly clickable so that the student can easily access each website.