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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Fiona!

That's a great question! Have you looked at adding an image and including a hyperlink within the accompanying text - such as an image as a part of a Process Interaction? My colleague Ashley recorded a quick video of this in Peek for how to set this up within the Process interaction. I hope this is helpful!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Cool idea Peter - and definitely worth sharing with our team as a Feature idea! So just to confirm, you'd be looking for an option to add a hyperlink to an image in your course that jumps to another part of the course, or even outside of the Rise course? The user wouldn't see the hyperlink text either way? Just want to make sure I capture your thoughts clearly and you can also share them directly with our Product team by sending along here. 

Jay Hill

Check out how Dreamweaver does image maps. That's the solution and what I'm looking for. Not sure if I'll be able to do something like this but will keep working. My use is to have an image of a table (built in Excel and taken as a screen shot). Then, each column header in the table has an image map that opens a hyperlink (specifically in my case a link to a PDF related to that column). And the "Markers" do not work because they cover the column headers, making them unreadable. The image map is invisible until the user mouses over the title and then it changes to the pointer to click.

Dave Lewis

Indeed, this would be an excellent feature.  Ran into this post while researching how to embed a deep link to videos hosted in our LMS (we need to track completion). Obviously, we could use a text link but a picture (thumbnail) is more visually appealing. I tried to Multimedia embed option using iframe but that didn't work very well :(

Shane O'Connor

If an image had a hyperlink feature this may allow us to get over the issue that Interactive simulation can't be inserted and work directly with RISE. I could hyperlink to a web server and call the simulation into the course. I currently use Active presenter as the Simulation tool and this works well with Storyline and can embed via web object but not currently in RISE. 

Gerry McAteer

I have used the 'Add a caption' (under the image settings) and placed the hyperlink in there. I normally just use the work 'Link' and hyperlink it. I see that Rise uses the click on the actual image to show a 'zoomed' larger version of the image (which you can also disable under the image settings) so this feature would need to be dropped if you were to hyperlink the actual image.

Steven van Roeden

Hi Articulate, this is a pretty basic request offered in many competitive solutions like Evolve etc. I have been introducing hyperlinks on images in HTML webdesign courses 20 yrs ago. Despite all the work arounds proposed, like Storyline blocks, where are we with this?

Here's why customer feedback matters: https://medium.com/innovation-and-agility/customer-feedback-is-the-only-one-that-matters-a7e5d424a8a6

David Tait

I've been exploring adding hyperlinks inside an SVG to try and at least gain the ability to link to external sources via clicking an image in Rise. Unfortunately, as soon as I add the code to the SVG file to handle the hyperlink, Rise doesn't recognise the image. 

Rise 360 SVG Broken Link

My solution works if I open the image up directly in to a browser, just not when inserted in to Rise. Click here to open the SVG, then click the image to see the link working.

If anyone has any advice to help get this working in Rise I'd be very grateful!