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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there, John -- It sounds like you're copying the text from a PDF document, and then pasting that text into your Rise course. Is that right? When you paste the text, a formatting box should appear with options to change the size, color, add bullets, etc. Let me know if that's what you were thinking of! 

Hey, Sparkle ELearning -- do you want to embed a PDF in Rise? If the PDF is hosted on the web somewhere, you can embed it using a Multimedia Embed block. You can also use an Attachment block if the file is not hosted on the web. 

Beverly Stokes

OK Wendy - I see how to do it - go to All Blocks.

In addition:

How do I add a separate designation in the Side-Bar -
I have 3

1 Movement

2 Social

3 Learning with lessons under each

and now want to add a 4th but only end up with another lesson under 3 Learning

4 Review



Crystal Horn

Sure thing, Penny. You can upload your PDF to your web server, or if you don't have one, you can use a service like Amazon S3.

Grab the link, and in a multimedia embed block, either paste the URL , or use an iframe code like this:

<iframe src="https://articulate-us.s3.amazonaws.com/support-share/ELH/Articulate_Storyline.pdf"></iframe>

My example uses the iframe code so that the PDF appears right within the block rather than linking out on another browser tab.

Heidi Payne

Hello! I am trying to embed a PDF into Rise 360 using the Multimedia block. I have taken the following steps. 

1. Pdf file uploaded into Scribd to be webhosted

2. enter iframe code 

<iframe src="https://www.scribd.com/document/427464661/Insider-Trading-Policy-04-03-2018"></iframe>

4. copy/paste in multimedia block in rise 360

I receive no error message. However, the area is completely blank when i preview

Am I missing something? 


Crystal Horn

Hi there, Heidi! You're really close. The URL you shared above is the link to the page where your document can be seen, but you'll need to get the embed code from that page.

Check out this little Rise 360 course I made to show you what I mean and to see how your document looks using the multimedia embed block.

Let me know if you have any questions!