Inserting template gets stuck every time?

Jan 03, 2020

I have a course where i have created block templates for reuse throughout the course. This worked one or two times, but now when I chose to add a block and pick my template from the block library, it inserts a "inserting template" section into the course and never finishes.

broken feature?

Funny thing is, I can preview the course and the content shows up. I can go and edit other pages and then come back to this page and sure enough, it's still "inserting template". Block templates don't work for me. What can I do?

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Teresa Vanderpost

It is interesting, as this still just happens randomly for me, the other place it randomly occurs is when I create a lesson and decide i don't want it, trying to get the cursor to change to a hand to delete can be painful.  Sometimes I get my collaborator to do it.  And this is in the latest version of Chrome.  Wonder if the issue is connected.

Stacy Tomlinson

This is currently happening for me and is a huge issue.  I thought that when publishing to my LMS it would remove the block that never uploaded, but it doesn't and instead says "Unknown type: pending pending" in its  place.  I have submitted a support request but would love to know if anyone else has a solution. **Pete for the win!!  I saw several people thanking you, so I scrolled up and found your comment about the invisible delete button.  Thanks so much!!** 

Annie White

Hi there,
Wanted to directly respond with the fix that another user posted, but was buried in the thread. Hope this helps!

* Pete Theodore
19 days ago

Just encountered this problem today, same as described by others in the forum. I found that while the Delete button does not show up, it is still active. I hovered over where it should be (extreme top right) and my cursor changed to clickable link. I clicked and the block deleted. No restarts, resets, cache clearing. Just click the invisible delete button. Hope this helps.

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