Issue with course title name in SCORM build output

Jul 05, 2022

There is an issue with Articulate Rise SCORM build output. The title page name is not reflecting as per the course title when we export /publish the SCORM build. Its shows as below in indexAPI.html:

<title>Loading course</title>

This creating a problem for screen reader for our disabled colleagues. Can this be fixed ASAP by Rise team.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hello, SibaPrasad!

The default title for the content iFrame is set to Loading course. If Rise has trouble somewhere in the launch process, the iframe's title will read Loading course instead of the actual course title. This title should only appear if the course doesn't load properly, and it helps learners identify that the course hasn't loaded yet.

Right before Rise finishes loading in all its content, a new function updates and populates the "content" iframe with the actual course title. You can find this function in the scormdriver/indexAPI.html file, near the bottom. Just look for getCourseTitle. 

Can you tell me more about how this is causing a problem while using a screen reader? Is the screen reader announcing "Loading course" even after the course has fully loaded in the new window or tab?