Learning check activity & Storyline blocks in RISE - navigation issues on Smartphone

Aug 10, 2021

Hi everyone,

I've been testing functionality of RISE courses on Smartphones.

When using Review on the Smartphone, I was unable to complete a Card Sorting Learning check in Portrait mode (where I could see all three categories created). Whenever the card deck is touched, the screen scrolls up.  In Landscape mode, I can't drag the card down to the 3rd category (which is off screen) and am therefore stuck (I set a lock on the activity so can't continue to the next lesson) as the card returns to the pile when it's not dropped on the appropriate category.  I would prefer not to have to replicate the learning check in Storyline to create a new block since that is a lot more time consuming than using the RISE learning check block. Any ideas as to why it doesn't work?

Also, Storyline blocks don't "play" when in the smartphone configuration in Preview mode (tablet config. works though), this makes it's tricky to know if the block will work without needing to look at via Review on a smartphone.  Is there a workaround for this or do I need to continue testing accessibility on devices in Review?



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