Locking a continue or next lesson button using a Storyline 360 interaction

Is there any way that this can be done.

I wanted to create a rise course that is actually a digital escape room 

So... (a scenario to explain how I want it to work)

Clue displayed as image for example

then the lock is actually a question in an Articulate storyline interaction (this would be a one text answer question that must be answered correctly.

Continue to next section is locked until the above interaction is completed?

Any help or workaround would be greatly appreciated.


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Chino Navarro

Hi Phil,

Sure thing, you can add the image and question in Storyline and upload it into your Rise course with the Storyline block. You can then add a Continue button, lock it, and unlock it only when the block directly above it is completed.


This will ensure that the learner completes the question before they can proceed through the course.