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Jay Varia


This is urgently needed for us too... there are large gaps in the exported PDF (which makes for a larger printed file - definitely not environmentally friendly!). We need to have PDF outputs to make available to students as handouts.

Also, I am noticing the issue of content cut erratically, which is very frustrating. Just wish that the PDF outputs were as beautiful as the courses developed in Rise!


Michelle Casper

I would also like to raise this as an urgent need. As Anu stated, the content is "cut erratically" in the PDF exports, in addition to creating large gaps between some headers and the text. There doesn't seem to be any logic to when it where it separates (it's not specific to any type of content block). 

We are required to have copies of our content for compliance purposes. But we spend large amounts of time tweaking PDF exports. I am reconsidering the use of Rise because of the hassle.