NEW IN ARTICULATE 360 TEAMS: Transfer Content

Today we released a new feature that’s just for Articulate 360 Teams: transfer content. Now it’s easy to maintain control of your content when team members change.

The new transfer content feature lets you transfer projects when users are removed from your Articulate 360 Teams account. You can transfer Storyline 360 team slides, Rise 360 courses and block templates, and Review 360 content.

Here’s how easy it is to transfer content:

We hope this new feature is helpful!

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Brandon Lancaster

Hi, Alyssa.

Yes, I just see a black rectangle where the video is supposed to play and there are no playback controls and no loading animation-nothing happens. When I hover the pointer over the upper-left corner of the video it gives me the option to copy the link (pasted below):

Brandon Lancaster


The video finally played in Chrome version 80.0.3987.163-in standard mode, not incognito mode-but it took several minutes to load. While it was loading there was no indication it was loading-just a black rectangle on the page with no loading cursor or status bar or anything.

I still could not get it to play in Firefox or Internet Explorer 11, in either standard mode or in a private browsing window.

Just reporting in case it would be helpful for you to know - I already found the info I needed for transferring Rise files using another Articulate Community post that showed step-by-step written instructions.

All the best,

Brandon Lancaster
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Emma Spencer

What can be done with courses that were built by people who were not in the same 'team'? I work for a large organisation with several different departments. Not everyone is in the same Articulate team and therefore I cannot transfer courses easily between each individual. Once someone in a different department has completed a course, can we move it from their team to ours?

Jamie Hamilton

I have a similar question. A member of our team recently left, and ownership of all their courses was transferred to me (Storyline and Rise) as their manager. I will not be working with the content and would like to transfer all of it over to another designer. Is there a way to do this in bulk without having to move each course individually? Thank you!

Lea Agato

Hi Olli, I’m sorry to hear you are no longer able to access content created by a user who left your team.  When an admin removes a user from your team, they can choose what to do with the user's content.  Depending on the option they took, it may be possible to recover the content. 

If they deleted the user's content, we're unable to restore it. If they did nothing with the content, reach out to my team by clicking here, and we'll work with you on how to regain access to that content.

Elisa Farina

Good evening, I am hoping that you or someone can answer this question.  I have a team of 35 elearning developers.  We are very excited about working in Rise; however, as with all large teams...projects get reassigned all the time. I have been reading through the thread and I have seen where folks are asking if is possible to share a Rise project with a group.  However, I am not finding a clear answer as these responses are over a year old.

I have seen where you can share an individual course with someone and all them to edit the course.  This has to be done by the owner of the course but what if the owner is unexpectedly unavailable to transfer that folder, we can't get access to that file.  I am an Admin, but I do not want to have to remove the person's access to transfer ownership.  Also, is there a way to have the Rise source file shared within a group folder so that all 35 individuals on the team have access to it or can I create a Group folder where everyone on my team can save their Rise courses to. 

Due to our policies and guidelines, we must be able to reference the courses for a significant period of time.  This will make it easier for everyone to access the course file if they need to work on it or want to copy it.  Finally, is there a way to download the source that would be extremely helpful.  

Need help. This is a HUGE deal within our organization and will limit our use of Rise if we can't figure out how to share the Rise files.

Lea Agato

HI there Elisa! There isn’t any way for admins to transfer courses between users or download the source file for Rise 360 courses. We are tracking these as possible features, so I’ve added your vote to feature requests. 

In the meantime, this article discusses collaborative authoring in Rise 360. I hope you’ll find it useful for your organization.

Alann Demeester

YESSSSSS PLEASE!  It would be great if content created was automatically available to the rest of the team.  When you in a large team I get that you may not want this, but in a small team it is critical.  It isn't just a situation when someone leaves, but what about when they are on holidays and you need to make an urgent update.  If they haven't shared it with anyone then else then you are out of luck.

Hannah Kahl

Hi there. My department is weighing our options regarding which Articulate 360 plan we choose. As of now, I am the only person in my department who needs access to Articulate, but we really like all the perks to the Teams option. We thought maybe a good solution would be to join another department's team that we work closely with. 

However, we are unsure of how our department may grow over the years. So, my question is, if I join another department's Articulate 360 Team account and my department decides later that it would be best to have our own Teams Account, is there a way to transfer content between two different teams?

Renz Sevilla

Hi Jaclyn, Thanks for reaching out! In Rise 360, you’ll see a new folder in the sidebar named after the user who left your team. We call this folder the “transfer folder.”

If the user didn’t have any Rise 360 courses, you won’t see a transfer folder on your dashboard. And if the user had transfer folders from previous team members, you’ll see multiple transfer folders in your account, one for each user.

If you only see Review 360 content, that is only the published content. If you can't readily find content in the transfer folder they either didn't have access to the courses to edit or they may have deleted the courses. The previous owner’s deleted courses are in the transfer folder too. They appear at the bottom of the page in the Deleted Courses section. You can restore or permanently delete these courses.