NEW IN RISE 360: Templates

Feb 04, 2020

It’s already easy to build fully responsive courses quickly in Rise 360. And now, we’ve added another time-saving way to create engaging courses for every learner: templates.

The templates cover a range of topics from information security to leadership development, and more. Choose the template you want and then swap out placeholder text and media with your own content—that’s it!

Check out this video to see templates in action.

65 Replies
Angie Shertzer

These content templates are great! Are there any licensing restrictions on any of them? For example, can the Next Big Idea Club courses be used as a small piece of content within a larger commercial project? Or are they available for use under a CC BY license or other?

It looks like we can edit these courses with real content and even mix and match lessons from different courses and experts. Very cool!

Crystal Horn

Hi Angie! I love that you're excited about our new, real content in Rise 360. You're right that you can mix and match business content lessons with your existing content, or customize a complete course for your needs!

For more information on how you can distribute this content, check out this article. As long as the content is within a Rise 360 course, you're covered!