New Rise feature just released - Flashcards

Hey Everyone - we just released Flashcards to Rise. Check out this quick video overview. (Recorded with Peek and posted to Articulate Review, naturally.)

Flashcards are an awesome click-and-reveal interaction. I'm excited to see the creative ways you use them!


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Christina Cortese

Hi there,

Currently investigating using Rise to create an extensive flashcard library for my organization. However, some of our content would require many (100+) flashcards in the same stack. Is there a limit to the number of flashcards you can have in one block/stack?  Also, does the Rise flashcard block feature have the ability to randomize the order of the cards?



Alyssa Gomez

Hi Christina!

I haven't heard of a limit of flashcards in the same block. I just did a quick test and added 120 cards to a block, and I could have added more!

The ability to randomize the order of cards is a really nifty idea! 💡 I'd love to pass that along to our team. Would you mind telling me a little more about why randomization would come in handy for you? What type of scenario would you use it in? 

Thanks so much for letting us know how we can make things better!

Christina Cortese

Hi Alyssa,

Thank you for testing out whether there is a limit on the flash cards! I appreciate it and I'm glad to hear there isn't one. The randomization of the flashcards would come in handy for my organization because we are building a library of flashcards to be used by medical students to study for their board exams. So we're aiming to provide a learning tool that adds an interactive element to improve upon the previous format-- which was just many PDFs of charts, tables, and more charts and tables. If the cards were randomized, it would be a more engaging tool and it would allow for a fresh user experience every time they returned to study the flashcards. So it's not completely necessary for this to work, but it would be a nice feature to consider in the future. I am very happy with the prospect of being able to use Rise for this project!

Thanks again,

Lisa Morgan

Hi Alyssa,

We're also appreciating the flash card interaction at my company--great job! I wanted to note that, as Christina mentioned, we would also love to see a "randomize" option for the flash cards. One way we'd use it is for vocabulary terms. In one resource ("course") we have 12 sections ("lessons"), and there are 25+ terms for each section. It would be great if each time a student did the flash cards for a given section, the cards were in a different order.