No more .zip SCORM export in Rise?

Rise has always exported a .zip file when selecting LMS/SCORM 1.2. 

Today it is giving me an unzipped folder, that when zipped, SuccessFactors won't import. I have never had a problem importing content into our LMS with the zipped files that used to be exported from Rise.

I either get 'http error', or something like 'missing items' from the LMS.

I am not using any weird third party zipping utility, merely native Apple right-click function 'Compress'.

Is anyone else having trouble with these new unzipped folders exporting from Rise in the SCORM 1.2 structure? 

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Anthony Karcz

Hey Drew, sorry to hear you're having trouble! I just did a quick test and am not seeing the same behavior, which is good and bad. Good in that it doesn't appear that this is a widespread Rise 360 issue, but bad in that it is happening to you.

One thing you can try is, in Safari, open your Preferences tab and deselect Open "safe" files after downloading. This might keep your Mac from auto-unzipping your exported archive.

If that doesn't work, the quickest way to resolve this is to have our Support Team take a look. You can submit a case here. They're awesome, so you should be back to "good" in no time.