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I am considering Rise to build a Leadership training course. One of the requirements is to have fill-in-the-blank questions that are open ended i.e. there is no correct or incorrect answers defined. I tried keeping the Acceptable Answers field blank, but that did not work. Does anyone know if this is possible at all in Rise? That is, can users submit their answers (no word limit) without being told whether their responses are correct/incorrect?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Deblina!

Have you considered designing the fill-in-the-blank question on a Storyline slide, then embedding it in your lesson using a Storyline Block? That way, you can customize the question however you like! 

Pro Tip: hide the Storyline player so the question flows seamlessly in your Rise 360 lesson. 

Deblina Sen

Hi Alyssa.

Thanks for the idea. I tried this option using the Survey question type - Essay. I was able to include it in a lesson in Rise. However, I could not see an option to add a Storyline block to a quiz. Ideally, I would like to have the question as part of a quiz.  Is that possible?

LaRhonda Jefferson

I have a similar issue to the originally asked question. So there is not a way to create an open-ended question using the Rise fill-in-the-blank functionality? Open-ended meaning there is no right answer. If not, then how should the fill-in-the-blank functionality be used? Seems that if the user does not get all the characters exactly right, the answer will always be incorrect.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi, LaRhonda!

The fill-in-the-blank question type is great for questions that have a single-word or a short phrase answer. You can even provide a word bank to ensure learners don't misspell the answer. 

If you're looking for an open-ended, long-form question type, I suggest embedding a survey from a third-party tool (like Google Forms or Survey Monkey) using a Multimedia Embed block. 

Use this iFrame code format for easy embedding!
<iframe src="URL HERE"></iframe>

Math Notermans

I made a fairly simple Storyline that saves data in the inputfield to Google sheets. Works perfect.

In Rise it uses a 'dummy username' for testing, when published on the LMS the students name will be put into the Google sheet... The javascript code that sends the data to Google is simple, on the Google end you however need a cloud function that writes the data to your specific sheets/account.