Organizing Rise Courses - Internal Names vs. Course Names

I've already submitted a feature request for this, but I'm wondering if anyone has a workaround (or something I've missed) to differentiate a "file name" vs. "course name" for Rise courses.

We often create derivative courses, or courses with very small changes, for different clients.  For that reason it's important for us to be able to give Rise courses a "file name" or an internal naming that does not show up on the front-end.  For example, we may have a generic course called "Course 1" but need to create a version for client x, but we can't name it "Course 1 - Client X ver." without that displaying on the front-end.

Folders are not helpful since that organization is not shared across our Teams account and is only for each individual.  Any ideas?  It seems like a huge miss of a feature.

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Holley Berley

You can name the export files but in viewing your content from Rise, I can see how you would have an issue from the Rise view.  

In this situation I think I would (even if not the best solution) have a course ID that goes in front of the course titles.  To users it would just be an ID number, but from your view it would contain information which (at a glance) tells you which company the course belongs to.  i.e. a course titled in Rise as AMA-0819: Intro Course could be Amazon's version of an Intro Course that you published in Aug. of 2019.

Angelique Barnard

I have the same issue. We have different instances of our system and I would like to be able to differentiate between clients in the file name without changing the course name. Our clients are very particular about the course titles, and adding a course code won't work for us, unfortunately. (Even though it's a great suggestion)

Can I add my vote to this feature somehow? 

If it's not possible to have different course and file names, could we at least add some kind of additional identifier that's invisible to the course?