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Agne Ignotiene

Hi Alyssa, thanks for reply. A client is asking what are server requirements for the Rise360 or Storyline content to be published in his server. I would like to be sure that I respond correctly to him. As far as I understand your answer - no specific requirements for as long as HTML files can be uploaded and that's it, right? 

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Hello everyone :)

Thanks for your insight! I have  a question regarding the integration of the my rise 360 course into a WIX-Webpage:


In Wix I have the following options:

  1. Embed widget
  2. Embed webiste
  3. Custom element

When I hit custom element I have the following two options:

  1. Server URL
  2. Velo Datei

Can you help me?

Best regards


Crystal Horn

Hi there! If you upload your Rise 360 course to a web server, you'll identify the index.html file path, and share that URL with your learners. Your course will have the full interactivity that you would see in your Share link and an LMS!

I'll defer to folks who've used Thinkific, but I found these support articles on their page that could help:

Lauren Bostelaar

Hi E-learning heroes, 

I currently working on e-learning courses in Articulate Rise for a client. When the client does not have a Learning Management System (LMS) in place, how can you share the e-learnings with a broader audience (the client) and provide them access to the e-learnings?

I tried to export the content via de Web option, but when I open or share the index.html I receive a blank page and the client as well. 

Is it possible to share links to the e-learning (without progress tracking) via Sharepoint for instance? 

Many thanks for your help.