Publishing RISE in Sharepoint

Mar 24, 2020

Hi. I reviewed the existing discussions but didn't see an answer to my particular problem. I am able to publish and share SL files on our Sharepoint site by changing the file extension on the story.html file to story.html.aspx. Works beautifully. It also works for RISE except it won't run the underlying story.html files used in Interactive blocks (they are essentially short SL files that contain interactions). I changed the extensions on the html and html files under the assets folder for the four SL files, but am getting a 404 error message. Any suggestions? Thanks. 

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Jennifer! There are 2 story.html files for each Storyline interaction you've included in your Rise 360 course. One resides directly in the assets folder, and the other is in the folder of Storyline output within the assets folder. The second folder level has an encoded name of numbers and letters.

Did you change the extension on both of those files for each Storyline interaction?

Jennifer Cannon

Yes, I changed the .html file extensions within the Assets folder (there are 4, one for each interaction) and also in the individual asset folder for each file.

There are two story files in the folders within Assets for the Interactions – story.html and story_html.html5 – and I changed one and then both as I’ve been testing. Neither worked.

When I don’t change the SL Interaction extensions, I do get the little window to Open/Save for the file so it is seeing the files, just not able to play them. When I click to Open the link looks as if it is pointing to my hard drive, which doesn’t seem to make sense since the RISE file is all zipped up. But, I’m not a developer, I just play one on TV… If I convert the SL interactions to video and add them in a Multimedia block they will run but we really want the interactivity of the SL Interactions, if possible.


Crystal Horn

Got it, thanks Jennifer. If you are using SharePoint Online, they've stopped supporting HTML content. It sounds like the workaround isn't allowing your content to play the way it should.

I'm sorry I don't have another workaround to offer. If it's allowed for you, here are some other web hosting options for your Rise 360 output.

Matt Recht

Same issue here. I can change Storyline file extensions to aspx, but somewhere in the Rise package is a piece of code still looking for the story.html file. Rise index.aspx opens and functions, but the Storyline blocks return an error message. Looks like it references a url, which is the SharePoint path for the Storyline file, ending with, "story.html?rise=true." Where is that line of code in the Rise package? Seems like we need to change the reference to aspx, and then maybe it'll work.