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Nicole Dudley


Is it possible to provide an update about the progress of this request? Is it still something you are waiting for more people to request, is it in development yet, or is it something that won't be added?

I am about to create a lot of Rise courses and it would be awesome to not have to create the quizzes separately. 

Thank you!!!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Nicole!

Rise will reveal the correct answer when the learner sees the quiz question feedback. We're still tracking the request to separate those two features, and we'll let you know if that functionality is added to Rise in the future!

In case you're interested, here's an inside look at how we manage feature requests like this one. 

Susi B

+1 for giving feedback (1 feedback for all or correct/incorrect feedback) but NOT revealing the answers. :)

We want a quiz at the end of the course which the user has to pass for the certificate. As there are a lot of questions, because the course is pretty large, we want to give the user a hint, where to repeat the chapter to solve the incorrect answered question but without having the solution.

Edit: And maybe the same option in Rise to only retry the incorrect answers which is coming for SL360. :D That would be really nice.

Matthew Miller

Good Morning,

Thanks for the update. We'd like to have the user be able to re-take a question in the Quiz and NOT be able to see the correct answer if they get it wrong. Is this something you can update / add?


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Christine Hipple

Hello - I'm new to Rise and am quite surprised that feedback is coupled with revealing the correct answer.  This seems counter to good learning to me.  Is there a way I can "vote" for the change mentioned in this thread to decouple feedback and reveal of correct answer?  Is there a work around?

Jenny Armanious

The ability to allow for quiz feedback without providing the correct answer is crucial. Creating quizzes in Storyline is clunky and does not flow well. Please push this feature request to the top of the list- honestly, it is a basic requirement that ALL users need. I have already submitted a feature request for this ages ago. Maybe view it as a bug..no instructor would ever choose to have the correct answer visible in a quiz. That should be a distinguishing feature between a quiz and knowledge check. Please fix this!!