Record activity from Storyline blocks inserted into Rise - Possible?

May 09, 2022

I'd like to be able to insert Storyline question blocks (specifically an Essay style survey question) into a Rise course, export it for LMS (Docebo LMS supports Scorm, xApi, AICC) then collect the user's entered text via a report. 

I have been able to collect this text using a Storyline course published directly from Storyline as SCORM 2004, so I know the LMS has this reporting capability.

Is it possible to capture that data from within a Rise course Storyline block though? I have tried (without luck so far) exporting the Rise course as Scorm 2004 and xApi. I've not used xAPI with Docebo before so it's possible that I don't have the settings right, but if it's definitely not possible to do this then I won't bother fiddling with it anymore. 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Fiona!

You can track a quiz score from a Storyline Block in your LMS, but there isn't a way to capture learner response data from the Storyline questions.

If you want to track a quiz score from a Storyline block, follow these two steps: 

If you're hoping to capture learner responses to essay questions, try embedding a form from a third-party tool (like Google Forms or Survey Monkey) using a Multimedia Embed block. 

Use this iFrame code format for easy embedding!
<iframe src="URL HERE"></iframe>