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Chris Curry

It does not appear that you can do the trick I showed above if you export for web. You could maybe export it for SCORM anyway and run it off your website or blog or wherever. Not sure if the course would throw any "visible" errors that would negatively impact the learner experience. You would just have to test it and see.

In the index files it generates, you can change which page is launched. Just note that the more you mess with the exported files, the more likely you are to break something. So, once again, just comes down to trial and error for what works for your situation.

Lea Rudolph

Hi Hazel, thanks for your reply. I’ve tried that, but it still means that there’s a start page for the course in my LMS, instead of taking the learner straight to the single lesson. I’m creating lots of single lessons that I would like learners to be able to access directly, without having to go through the start page first. Regards, Lea

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