Removing Lesson # from bottom of each lessons

Sep 16, 2020


Does anyone know if it possible to hide the Lesson # shown at the bottom of each individual lesson? I found the setting to hide it from the top of each lesson, but not the bottom...

Note: Saw the option to hiding the navigation buttons, but I would li to keep those...


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Haremi Employee

Hi there,

Since the conversation above have any fixes been made to address this issue? I have a course in Rise with an Introduction and four modules, and the bottom text displays as, e.g. 'Lesson 4 - Module 3' which is quite confusing!

Is the only solution to delete the label 'Lesson' or change 'Lesson' to something else, e.g. 'Item' or 'Block'? But if I delete 'Lesson', I gather the number would still show? Meaning the bottom text would be '4 - Module 3'?

Incidentally, how do you hide the Lesson # from the top of each lesson? At the moment, I have 'Lesson 4 of 5' at the top and it would be good to hide this if I can.

Many thanks!