Removing Storyline Player in Rise

Aug 01, 2018

Hi there,

I've seen some old threads, but no resolution yet. Is there a way to remove the Storyline player in Rise, so that it blends seamlessly with the background?

This is the closest, I've gotten. It doesn't look great with the white player lines.





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Crystal Horn

Hi Nicole.  We've got this behavior on our radar.  It looks like you're using the modern player with no controls and the light theme.  Because your slide dimensions won't stretch or change the aspect ratio to fill the Rise block, the player fills in the blank spaces with either dark gray or light white from the color theme.

We're having a look at what changes can be made to improve setups like yours where you'd like to have the Storyline interaction seamlessly become a part of the Rise frame.  I'll keep you posted on progress!