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Crystal Horn

Hey there, Arsalan.  We recently added more formatting options for your text in Rise.  Is increasing the font size what you're looking to do?  You can also add or remove padding (the space) between your blocks lessons in the Settings for each block.

As for images, Rise will resize images based on the device using to view the course.  Alyssa gives some further detail here.  We recommend using the highest resolution images for the best output.

Renee James

Hi, is it possible to adjust the text positioning over the cover photo? Often I find that the text is sitting directly over a persons face (if the image contains a person) which is not very professional looking, and the perceived impression is not great to begin the course with. See attachment.

Danielle Lambrick

I see this thread was started a while ago and I'm new to Articulate, so in case there's been an update...

Can anyone explain why images are differing sizes when I import them into Rise? I have two images that are the same size in PowerPoint, but when I add them into Rise in order to the use them for a labelled graphic, they are completely different sizes - one is perfect, the other is huge!

I have tried compressing the large image, but that doesn't change it's size in Rise, just it's quality.

The images are online 'teacher resources' from a core textbook that I use with students, so I am unsure why they should differ so much, and I am reluctant to use a random image from Google as then I get issues with copyright, etc. 

Any advice?

Tracey Contreras

I am also interested in resizing images, not cropping them. I often want to reduce or enlarge images in all the different blocks where images are available. How do I do this?

Current situation: I have a process block with an image from the 360 content library. The image shows up really big and I would like it to be small. It is so big that the user doesn't see the text underneath the image unless they scroll down. Often they start clicking the right and left arrows on the process and never scroll down to read the text.

Renz Sevilla

Hi Tracey! It sounds like you're using an image that has a much longer height, than its width. Images are displayed in a ratio, so even if you resized it, it may still push the text down. If you still would like to resize the image outside of Rise 360, you can:

- Right-click the image to save it on your desktop.

- Resize it using a photo editor. 

- Reupload the new version of the image

Hope that helps!