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I am wondering if there is a way to resize images in Rise? I am using a lot of the Labelled Graphics and Images in my course and I have received feedback that the images are huge which causes a lot of scrolling. I am currently taking screenshots of a cellphone screen for the photos, and they are ending up being very long.

I have tried to look up other discussions but haven't had much help on sizing. I am creating lots of graphics in Canva for Rise as well and would love to know the suggested size dimensions I should be using for different types.

Any help is super appreciated!

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I did see a post about making images 10x10, which has helped a bit. Here is a screenshot of an example with the phone screenshot and text beside. As you can see it does not even fit in the screen for my browser. I was wondering if I could change the size of this photo to make it fit better?


Thank you!Image and text

Elizabeth Pawlicki

Thanks for including your image! Is that text part of a text block above the screenshot?  If not, maybe consider that as well.   I did a quick Peek for you on an way you can change the size of your photo so it's not as big in the labeled graphic:

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Hi, Alyssa!

I am having similar problems with the labeled graphic widget and images becoming super large. Three of us have tried resizing the images in Photoshop, PowerPoint, and one other tool that I can't remember at the moment. None of this is working. What are we doing wrong? Thank you, for your help!