Returning to a course from an external web page

Nov 28, 2022


Is there a way that you can set an external link to return to a specific block within Rise? For example, I want the participants to take part in an external survey (which I know how to set up in terms of how to link to the external source), but I have a need for them to return to the same block within Rise once they've completed the survey. Also, Can anyone suggest a good way of making this block mandatory so that a continue button can be set to make it impossible to move forward until they've visited the external survey? It doesn't feature any other element that would enable the continue button to be set for the user to have to complete the block above.

(I know the Storyline survey block can be used within Rise, but I need the survey results to be reportable and, as far as I'm aware, that can't be done through a Storyline question block when used within Rise).

Thank you

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Christopher Santos

Hi Liz,

You can try embedding the survey within Rise (Multimedia > Embed).  Most external surveys will provide an embed code that you can use in Rise.

You can then include a checklist box after this and add a Continue button (as shown below).  After filling in the form, they will need to click on the checklist box to continue with the rest of the course.