Rise 360 export settings Opigno 1.x

May 19, 2021

Hi all, this is a Rise360/Opigno 1.x specific issue, most likely connected to the LMS but hoping someone has experienced the same thing and can provide a magical solution (the Opigno-forum is dead, so hoping the e-learning heros can provide an answer):

I created a course in Rise 360, SCORM 2004 3rd Gen, works perfectly in SCORMcloud, but when completing the quiz in the LMS, it reports "The answer was incorrect. Please try again". Works wonders in an updated version of Opigno as well. Tried with different versions of SCORM as well, and also with using a storyline-block to complete the quiz, but with the same result. The LMS accepts all the other courses with the same SCORM-version I've created in Storyline without issues. 

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