[Rise 360] No question data reporting to LMS

Nov 04, 2021

Hello everyone,


A continual issue I've had with Rise 360 is that when there is no results block, or completion is tracked by course progress rather than Quiz Results very often Quiz Results, questions answered, choices made, etc., are NOT sent to our LMS (Cornerstone). It should be noted that my questions are not placed in Quiz/Review Question banks or lessons, they float in the content of the lessons themselves (I've also attached a screenshot of that).


I've attached a screenshot of my course settings for reference.




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Karl Muller

Hi Justin,

Knowledge Check blocks that appear within a Lesson, are intended for informal student self-evaluation purposes.

As Knowledge Check blocks are not a formal assessment, they are not graded and no information regarding Knowledge Check blocks will be sent to the LMS.

If you require quiz information to be sent to the LMS, as well as student responses, you need to create one separate Quiz, choose track according to quiz results, and publish for SCORM 2004.