Rise 360 - Password protection

Apr 01, 2021

Hi all, 


is it possible to set a password that the user has to insert to be able to do a Rise course in our LMS? 

I know how to create a password for the sharing process but not after having exported the scorm. 


Thank you!


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Loredana Marchetti


Thanks for your reply.

I would need to set a password for a specific course since it's a part of a wider training journey and different users need to have the course unlocked in specific moments.

A password of access would satisfy my need (as already done with Storyline 360).

Thank you

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Karl Muller

Hi Loredana,

In the LMS used by our organization, we have the ability to set prerequisites for courses.

For example, a learner is assigned course A and course B, but the LMS can be set up so that course B is not immediately available. Course B will only be unlocked once course A has been completed and/or mastered. 

Check with your LMS administrator if such a feature is available within your LMS.

Rise 0

Add the password protected share link version of the course as a link in the LMS?
Either directly to LMS object or within a page that have the link embedded or button with link?
tracking would be limited to completion (Having clicked the link/page in LMS) but the course would be protected even inside the LMS. 

Not ideal workaround for tracking but should work in terms of protection.

Lea Agato

Hi, Shannon! There isn't an option in Rise to lock/unlock specific lessons at the moment, but we'd love to hear how you'll be using this feature. If you can share what kind of functionality  you are planning to add in your course that requires you to lock/unlock specific lessons, this will help me advocate for this feature on your behalf.