Rise 360 What is it?

Mar 03, 2022

What is rise 360?

Ok, I know it's a bit of software but what is it?

Is it a word processor is it a spreadsheet presentation software package?

I don't think the question is that difficult, but have not managed to find a definition for it!

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Marcel Reinert

Maybe it is better if you explain for what you need the explanation? Is it just to understand the difference between Rise and Storyline? Do you want to understand Rise as such in the context of other authoring tools? What is it about for you?

Of course, pretty much anything can be called an authoring tool. But if they don't have standards like xAPi/TinCan etc., that limits the usability in a learning scenario with LMS quite a bit, because all statements are missing.

Compared to Storyline, Rise has full responsivity. By using content blocks instead of a "working stage", the texts in Rise are wrapped - based on the output device. In Storyline, the working stage (slides) is only resized to fit the output display, but so are the text and any buttons.

Storyline on the other hand, has countless ways to interact with users, works with variables and triggers and thus offers more opportunities to create scenarios, ensure knowledge transfer and perform learning analytics. Nevertheless, Rise also has the possibility to enable interactions, but in a limited area.

In my humble opionon: Rise is a rapid eLearning tool and Storyline is optimal for complex learning scenarios. Rise has the advantage of full responsivity (it always looks good), while Storyline helps more to enable a more targeted knowledge transfer. With Rise you can create micro-nuggests faster and easier, while with Storyline you can create more in-depth training. Rise is optimal for output on mobile devices, Storyline rather for tablets and PCs.

Just my 2 cents...