Rise Admin Wish List

Dec 31, 2018

Hi all, I am the admin for a user group of 225 users, so some of this may not apply to smaller orgs, but I am also the admin for a wide variety of systems, so am taking some cues from that POV as well. I'll try to manage both "regular" and team functions appropriately.

  1. Support for SSO. This is the number one complaint I get from our users. They are now spoiled by SSO, and not happy when a new tool does not support it.
  2. Allow a setting whereby admins can access all courses at any time so that they can be re-assigned when, for example, a designer goes out unexpectedly. Currently, the best option is for each user to designate a backup user on each course, and we're doing that, but have already had multiple situations where both the primary and backup were both out when work needed to be done on a course. We also had a case where being collaborator was not enough - they needed to be the owner, and the current owner was out and there was nothing I could do.  I realize not all orgs would want this capability, but for those who do, it needs to be an option, as it is causing us headaches somewhat regularly at this point (The holiday really highlighted this issue with the large number of users who were on vacation).
  3. As in #2 above, assure that Team admins can have access to all courses within their team, but that account admins can also access all teams and their content.
  4. Allow admins to see each team and each user as a folder rather than as a running list. So, I can click each team as a folder, then drill down into each user's content as folders below that. Doesn't have to be "folders' per se - a tree structure works just as well.
  5. Allow admins to change course ownership and/or add collaborators without actually opening the course. So, from the "folder view" in #4 above, have buttons that say "transfer ownership" and "add collaborators" right next to the link for the course. Even more ideally, an entire interface dedicated to this function so that I could, for example, click check boxes next to 11 courses and transfer all of them at once to a new owner, or add collaborators to multiple courses all at once. This would mean not only can I "checkbox" multiple courses at once, but I can also checkbox multiple users at once. While we're at it, ability to send out a preview link for any course to one or multiple people from that same menu.
  6. A better way to find owners and collaborators. As it stands, you have to type in the email address of the new owner. It seems like I should be able to click a drop-down of all users and select their name. With 225 users, I have to take extra time to look up their email address.
  7. An admin support panel, whereby I can see any and all tickets submitted by users within my account. I am happy to monitor that and take some work off of the Articulate support team for items we can resolve internally. It will also allow me to see who is being lazy and constantly submitting tickets vs. using available resources.
  8. Ability to see how recently each user has accessed the tool/logged in. For most of my systems, I run reports or pull a csv to monitor access. Those who have not accessed in awhile, I then contact to determine if their needs have changed. While it would be great to have some sort of tool that made this easy, I could settle for at least the ability to pull an excel file so that I can sort myself.
  9. As an addendum to #8, there is a lot of data I'd like to be able to see in a spreadsheet or report, such as:
    - Courses by owner (including publish date, collaborators, etc)
    - Courses by Team
    - Last edit date for a course (and who did it)
    - Courses by File Size
    - Archived Courses (oh yeah, and the ability to Archive courses)
    - I'm sure there's more, but that's what I can think of for now. Basically, whatever data is there, I want to be able to see.
  10. Ability to lock/unlock a course so that it cannot be opened or edited, to include locking the current owner out as needed.
  11. Ability to contact all users, either through the system or via a generated email.
  12. Ability to  search, as broadly and narrowly as that can be managed. To include searching by course name, by owner, by collaborator, by key word, and any other ways search can be enabled.
  13. Ability to quickly allow a person or group access to the "preview" link of a course. Use case is ability to allow a supervisor to see one or all works by a particular user or team without having to go into each course and send them a preview link. Could take the form of generating a list of all preview links for a particular user I could then send out, as well as ability to send one link to multiple previewers without the need to open the course.


So, generally speaking, the trend today is to limit admin powers because people want to "own" their content. Understandable, but, with a group my size, we need the old draconian types of admin power where we can do anything, access anything, and slice and dice the data as needed. It could certainly be an option to turn off or on as each account desires, but we desire these options a great deal.


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Trina Rimmer

Hi Paul. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us! There’s a lot of good stuff on your wish list. Many of the features you’ve requested are things we have on our radar too. Admin features are a big priority for us as we continue to evolve Articulate 360. In fact, in December we announced a much-anticipated group admin role that makes managing large teams even easier. We’ve also got a feature coming that will allow you to transfer content to another team member when someone leaves. You can learn more about those features here. We know there’s more to do and the ideas you’ve shared here are really helpful. We’ll add your voice to the mix and keep you posted on more specific updates when we have them. Thanks again for sharing!

Cameron Ward

Yes, we currently have a team of up to about 60 users now, but we have something on the order of 8,000-10,000 courses that we have created over the last 2.5 years or so. I can say that, if there were a version of Articulate licenses that was limited to Rise (and, therefore, cheaper), we would have something on the order of 120 users.

We use Rise as a beautiful, interactive, user-friendly curriculum authoring platform, export the Rise presentations as a webpage, and iframe them into our LMS as non-graded instructional content-only pages (the assessment are all handled in our LMS, Canvas).

But we have run into substantial issues with scalability with Rise that limits our ability to use Rise at scale or long-term. I will especially vote my support for:

  • (#5) The ability to add/remove collaborators in batch by folder
    • This is the biggest pain point for us
    • I will add to that, the ability to export batches of courses
  • (#2, #3) Admins to view all courses on their team in a manageable, scalable fashion
  • (#4) Courses able to be organized in folders within folders as well as by team/account admins
    • I will also add the ability to manage folders in a more fluid, conventional way. Specifically, drag-and-drop would be a very impactful improvement.

I feel that, if Articulate wants to encourage use of their product at scale (i.e. larger numbers of users), they will need to build Admin tools that are able to support that kind of scale.

Chuck Barritt

Paul's list of needs for a Rise enterprise level admin tool/portal/dashboard is perfect.  We also need version control so that we can roll back to any prior approved and "completed" version. When we go back to do a new version, either create a separate project or in some way keep that prior version accessible in case we need to rollback or provide a copy in case of a records audit.

Tanya Victor

The ability for the admin to search Rise courses by name (at the top) would be amazing, not just sort. 

Also, wondering if there is a way to track course usage when not being published through an LMS (but by sharing out the preview link and a password). It's an 'a al carte' style course to hundreds of external industry folks. Is there a limit of how many can preview it, or any drawbacks to this method, other than lack of tracking? 

Thank you

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Tanya,

The Rise 360 Share link is intended for small audiences and lightweight sharing. You'll also want to keep in mind that when learners leave and come back to the course using the Share link, they will have to start all over.

We don't have a specific limit for what we consider a small audience, and there are no technical concerns when using the Share link. We simply recommend that you export your course for web or LMS so you have control over the hosting environment.

Tyler Macke
Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for checking in, Carrie! We're still tracking these requests, so I appreciate you letting us know that more admin access features would help your team. If we expand admin functionality in the future, you'll be among the first to hear about it! 

Any updates on when some of these admin features will be in the roadmap?