Rise and Elevate LMS Troubles

Oct 11, 2021

I've created several Rise course that are housed in the Elevate LMS. Learners who do not take the entire course in one fell swoop are finding themselves having to start over.

What is supposed to "save" a learner's spot in an active course: Rise or the LMS?

Also, if this is a function of Rise, does anybody have experience with Elevate that might share how to solve this issue?

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Karl Muller

Hi Karin,

Q: What is supposed to "save" a learner's spot in an active course: Rise or the LMS?

A: Speaking in general, not specific to Elevate.

When a student exits the course, Rise sends the student progress and bookmarking to the LMS which should save the data.

The next time the Rise course is accessed via the LMS, the student progress and bookmarking should be sent from the LMS back to the Rise course.

Karin Rex

I think I "may" have figured out what is happening, but I would appreciate some confirmation. Tell me this: The course has several sections, each containing (let's say) 9 lessons.

Lesson 9 contains additional resources and viewing it is optional.

In Lesson 8 I give the learner the option of going directly to the next section overview OR reviewing the additional resources. Most skip viewing that optional lesson.

If the learner skips the additional resources section and goes to the next lesson instead, and then exits the course...would this cause the issue? When I did this in SCORM Cloud, I had to click on each of the optional lessons before it would allow me to move forward to where I had been in the class.

Thanks in advance!