Rise - change size of headers and lesson titles

May 10, 2018

When bulding courses in Rise I've noticed that it's impossible to change size of the header space (top marigin) or font size of the lesson's title. What I woud like to do is to get rid of all the empty space between the title and the first block of content. In the attached phot I marked the areas that I want to be able to edit. The final goal is to avoid scrolling down the page when I insert a Storyline block to Rise or just any other block of content or interactivity. I already turned off Previous and Next buttons from navigation and removed all padding from content blocks but it's still not enough. Does Articulate360 team consider adding such functions for editing marigins? Thank you

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Phil Robinson

Please add me to this response. I had a tough meeting with a fortune 500 company today. They absolutely loved the way the course was presented but they were not happy with the way their image/brand was presented in the course preview block. Marketing within these big companies are real particular about that and I think we all know why.

What they are looking for is their name and logo presented in the first line and the course title in the second line. You can make these adjustments, at least with the text, in edit mode but we know it will not appear that way when previewed or exported. I was able to side step the issue at the time because I didn't have a solution. Then, I found this thread. No client wants to hear "Well the tool doesn't allow for that." Then I guess you are using the wrong tool.

I know there are a lot of enhancements on the drawing board but I hope this one gets the attention it deserves, almost to the extent of a beefed up block. I have spent a great deal of time selling how Rise presents their course complimenting the capabilities of Storyline. Although, it doesn't matter how slick and clean the course is presented. If they are not happy with the way their image is presented in the Course Preview block, the rest doesn't matter.

I am praying for the best next week and hope they don't decide to go a different direction.

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Phil,

I really appreciate that insightful feedback. I know you're stuck between a rock and a hard place, and it doesn't reflect well on you as the course designer. I've shared all of this valuable information with our Rise product team to be considered as we make plans for future Rise enhancements. 

Phil Robinson

I few more comments regarding my original post with the same client. We need to be able to adjust the padding on the length of the course title and lesson titles so there are no orphans. For example, WHAT IS THE WHOLESALE INVESTOR SERVICE? will not fit on one line.

The typography for this client mandates that the course title be in a particular color.

Currently this all handled on the back-end by editing the CSS after exporting.