Rise - change size of headers and lesson titles

May 10, 2018

When bulding courses in Rise I've noticed that it's impossible to change size of the header space (top marigin) or font size of the lesson's title. What I woud like to do is to get rid of all the empty space between the title and the first block of content. In the attached phot I marked the areas that I want to be able to edit. The final goal is to avoid scrolling down the page when I insert a Storyline block to Rise or just any other block of content or interactivity. I already turned off Previous and Next buttons from navigation and removed all padding from content blocks but it's still not enough. Does Articulate360 team consider adding such functions for editing marigins? Thank you

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Phil Robinson

I don't seem to sound harsh but I just have to ask. This conversation has been going on for over a year now and "It's on our roadmap" sounds like a canned response that we have hearing many times now. My senior project managers and directors are running out of patients. This doesn't seem like a hard fix. Can you give us a better idea when we can expect to see a resolution?

Ephraim Ross

Hey all,

I totally get your frustration with the white space in the Lesson Title Header. The good news is that you don't need to wait for Articulate to implement any customization options (although that would be ideal). In the meantime, you need to make one super tiny edit to one of the output files (the CSS stylesheet).


  1. open the Lib folder
  2. open main.bundle.css
  3. edit line 58: ...... {.lesson-header{padding-bottom:4.5rem}}

I find that changing this to 1.5 from 4.5 (a reduction of 2/3rds) does the trick for me. 

I may also see if I can disable the Header completely via CSS, but not sure quite yet. I'm currently looking at developing single lesson activities in Rise, and then incorporating them as standalone items, mid-lesson, into longer form content via iframes.

PS - please ignore my current account name. I need it to appear a certain way at the moment for a client, and my Rise account details seem to be directly associated with my profile display here on E-Learning Heroes.

Ephraim Ross

Thanks - but I wouldn't call it hacking. Articulate Rise is a great product, but it suffers from the same simplicity that makes it so great. Fortunately you can tweak just about everything from that main stylesheet (CSS).

I wonder if there's a market for Articulate Rise customizations. It would be neat to put together a bunch of power tricks to address some of the more frustrating elements of the software from a designer's perspective.

Ephraim Ross

Awesome Karin! The real power trick would be to find a way to gather learning analytics from Rise content for public content published to the web outside of an LMS.

Now that I'm starting to do more of my professional work inside Rise, I'll be sure to start documenting some of my other 'hacks' as I come up with new workarounds. 

Blair McMillen

Ephraim, thanks for this and I have been going wild playing around with the CSS adjustments I see are now possible. However, I'm completely lost on something as I'm fairly new to Rise...

I take the course in question, download it as "web" which gets me the zip file, go in and make my edits as you described and save the edited CSS file. From that point, I know I can check my work by looking at the index file, but now I have no idea how to upload the header-free course back up into Rise. 

Would you or anyone who has tried the CSS edit approach out know how to pull this off? Thanks in advance.