Rise - change size of headers and lesson titles

May 10, 2018

When bulding courses in Rise I've noticed that it's impossible to change size of the header space (top marigin) or font size of the lesson's title. What I woud like to do is to get rid of all the empty space between the title and the first block of content. In the attached phot I marked the areas that I want to be able to edit. The final goal is to avoid scrolling down the page when I insert a Storyline block to Rise or just any other block of content or interactivity. I already turned off Previous and Next buttons from navigation and removed all padding from content blocks but it's still not enough. Does Articulate360 team consider adding such functions for editing marigins? Thank you

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Liz du Plessis

I would like to try this out if/when it's available.

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Privitar Academy

Really crazy that straightforward requests like this languish on these boards for years and years. This is by far not the only one. What's the point of these boards if they aren't going to address the questions? Editing CSS for each individual course is a good hack if you have a few courses, but we have dozens that are periodically republished. The fact that someone is so desperate as to start creating 3rd party hacks for issues like this speaks volumes about the disdain Articulate feels for its customers. They know it's too hard to switch tools so they just ignore what users have to say. Notice their staff stopped responding to this thread over a year ago after leading everyone on for 3+ years. Seems like the only thing they've released in the last year are templates.  They say their process for prioritizing feature requests is asking "will this be beneficial for all our users". Templates? Really? Who uses pre-built templates? Ephraim, I'd be interested in checking out your tool as well. What other features are you looking at? 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi everyone! I'm excited  to share a new enhancement we added to lesson headers in Rise! 

Now you can select a header style and control the height of the header from the Theme > Lesson Headers page.

If you're going for a minimal header design, choose the Small header height. Let us know how it works for you! 

Gren Foronda

Hi Paul!

Can you clarify which feature you need for your Rise course? Do you need to change the size of your lesson headers/titles, or need to hide these? Both of these features have been released and are now available in Rise, just go to Theme > Lesson Headers to toggle these options.

If you are referring to a different feature, please let us know so we'll add your voice to the request. Thanks so much!