Rise - Collapsible Sections in Left Menu

Jun 11, 2018

Hi there,

I noticed today that my Rise courses now have the ability for the user to collapse the sections of the left menu. This is a great addition! Thanks!

Two questions...

1) Is it possible to have the menu launch with all of them collapsed rather than all open? I didn't see a way to do this. 

2) Any chance the same functionality will be available for the menu that is on the Overview page?


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Marcia Owen

Hi Team

This request has been ongoing for OVER three years in this and other threads. The threads in themselves are indicative of how important this feature request is for many users and their learners. The fact that it is NOT on your roadmap is concerning!!!

My question is WHY is this not on your roadmap?

You only need  to trawl through the threads and requests to see this is not a 'nice to have feature' but a necessity for our learners to simplify their user experience.

In addition - I have just reviewed the features on your roadmap. My concern is that you are adding more bells and whistles but not attending to  foundational navigation features to enhance and support the user experience to move through a course.