Rise course - sharing course ownership

Mar 07, 2022


We have an Articulate 360 team member who'd like to share ownership of a Rise course.   While course collaboration is an option, collaboration does not allow for publishing to scorm etc.

My question is does Rise allow for more than one course owner?  Is it a matter of our Team Administrator to tick a box to enable dual course ownership?

What do others do?  Do they share usernames and passwords for course owner rights?  A one course owner setup just seems cumbersome.  Transferring back and forth between course ownership seems cumbersome as well.

I appreciate your assistance.



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Karl Muller

Hi Nicole, 

You can't have more than one Course Owner, but you can have a Course Manager role:

Collaborators can have one of three roles for a course:

  • The Course Owner can do everything.
  • Course Manager can't edit labels, transfer ownership, set a Share password, or delete the course. 
  • Course Collaborator can't access any of the options in Settings, Share, Review, or Export. They can only edit the course.