Rise course with Storyline interactive embedded

Jun 18, 2021


I have created a Storyline file for a client in Rise.  This Rise file also includes a Storyline interactive block as a 360 review object.  I was planning to share this with the client by publishing to web as a zip file, since they will be embedding it on their website.

However, what happens when my Articulate 360 subscription runs out?  Will they still be able to access all the content?  What will happen?  Is there anything I need to do, to make sure they can still access the content if they embed it on their site?

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Karl Muller


Once you have inserted a Storyline block into a Rise course by importing it from Review 360, the file on Review 360 is no longer referenced or linked to the Rise course in any way.

The Storyline content now exists as a block in the Rise course and also in the SCORM export, and will continue to work for your client after your Articulate 360 subscription runs out.