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Aug 06, 2018

Here is my question:
 I am using Rise with Review, and it is great to be able to get feedback
 from my co-workers and customers so easily. Two shortcomings:

 1) In Review, in the Feedback view, the comments are connected to
 screenshots, but they seem to be in random order, not from the beginning to
 the end of the course.

 2) In the Review view (like a Preview) I can see the course in action, and
 see the comments, but they don't seem to be connected. The comments aren't associated with the blocks that they are about.

I have about 50 comments from reviewers and they are essentially in random order.  Has anyone come up with a way to organize these so they match the order of the lesson?

 Am I missing something, or is this something I should submit an product
 feature request about?



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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Ken!  Great question, especially for those larger courses with lots of lessons.

When you are in Feedback view in Articulate Review, you can choose to sort your comments "by recent" (indicated by a clock icon) or "by lesson" (indicated by AZ).

 By Lesson:

By Recent:


I hope that helps make your feedback easier to manage!

Ken Hirsohn

@crystal thanks for your reply.  One of your tech support folks pointed out the sort button.  Unfortunately, I have 50-60 comments in the same lesson.  After sorting by lesson, they are still randomly distributed throughout the lesson.  I have to go through by hand and align them with the contents to see multiple responses to the same block.  I had to resort to doing a copy (dragged over the entire page to select) and then paste to word to have elements that I could copy and paste.

I thought perhaps some other users had come up with a more convenient automated way to organize the comments.



Alyssa Gomez

Hi Ken,

Sorry you've had to wade through so many comments -- I know that had to be time-consuming! As Crystal mentioned, the comments will appear in order "by recent" or "by lesson".

Hopefully the screenshot that appears next to the comment is helpful to indicate exactly which block the reviewer was referring to when they posted the comment.

It sounds like you would greatly benefit from the ability to sort comments by individual block, so I'll pass that idea along to our team!

Ken Hirsohn

You have it exactly right. Review is a great tool, I love being able to
get reviewers easy browser access and see their comments right away.

I just wasted a bunch of time sorting through the comments so that I can
see them all together associated with the blocks they came from. Hope you
can get your software to do that instead!

Again, if anyone in the community has come up with a solution, please share!


Allison LaMotte

Hi Eliana,

Thanks for the feedback! That sounds like a frustrating experience. However, I'd like to point out that you can actually re-open resolved comments, so if that happens again all is not lost! Here's a short video that shows how that works.

Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help. :)

Allison LaMotte

Hmm, that's strange! If that happens again please reach out to our Support Team. You can submit a case here.

Also, just thought I'd point out that when you respond directly from your email, your signature is appended to the message. You may want to pop in there and edit out any personal information that you don't want to share with the community.

Mark Banit

I agree Geert! Either being able to edit Rise courses from within the Review tool or at the very least being able to see Review comments inside a Rise course is a must have to save the struggle of having to have open in two browsers (esp. if you don't have access to a second monitor). I've submitted a feature request of this in the past -- suggest you do too, the more they hear about it the more traction it will hopefully get.

Mark Banit

While I do hope that eventually the tool is able to order comments based on the position of what was showing in the lesson when it was added, in the meantime it would be great to at least have control over whether it displays the most recent at the top or at the bottom.  This is especially important for Rise courses, as typically someone reviews a lesson in order so the most recent comments pertain to the bottom of the lesson... currently it shows the most recent at top, so it's on the developer to scroll down to the bottom of the comments list and then work their way up which seems backwards. Even for Storyline, it would make more sense to have the most recent comments at the bottom so that its easy to read through the progression of comments in the order in which they were entered.

Submitted a feature request for this, and encourage those who agree to do the same. 

Victoria Debussy

Hi lovely community! My team and I were wondering if there is a way we can quantify the number of reviews of each of our stakeholders. To give you some context, we have documents that should undergo two rounds of review: one by our Functional Team developing the system we are training our audience on. The second is by the business. However, we are facing the issue that our business stakeholders review the same document many times, not respecting the allocated dates for their review. Also, we would like to quantify which reviewers are leaving the biggest amount of comments, so that we can ensure we are delivering the expected quality (if they leave so many comments... there must be something we are not doing right)

Any help will be much appreciated!


Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for the ideas, Vicky! It sounds like you need features that will allow you to...

  • Set date parameters for when the business stakeholders should review the course
  • See the total number of comments each reviewer has posted

I'd be happy to pass along these ideas to our team! Thanks for letting us know how we can make Review 360 even better. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Vicki!

Here's an inside look at how we manage feature requests. If these features make it on our roadmap, we'll let you know!

In the meantime, you could prevent reviewers from accessing the URL after a certain date by setting a password.

Counting the total number of comments each reviewer has posted would be a manual process, but it might be easier from the feedback tab. You can even press Ctrl + F on your keyboard and search for the reviewer's name. 

Amy Papp


It appears that this conversation started 2 years ago and has yet to be addressed in Review 360. I am currently trying to resolve 36 comments in just one Rise lesson. Is there a way we can see one block and all of the comments associated with it at the same time? Currently, for block "A", I have a comment that I spent a fair amount of time addressing, only to find a competing thought 18 comments later, and yet another competing thought 10 comments later, and so on.  This is true regardless of sorting by lesson or by date.  I tried exporting comments and sorting by lesson, but it is the same randomness with no visuals.

This is extremely time consuming and frustrating to work with. Has anyone come up with a more efficient way to work with review comments in Rise?

Thank you so much!