Rise - Cover Photo settings - 0% text contrast option

Aug 28, 2018

Hi. It would be great if there was  a 0% text contrast option when uploading a cover photo in settings in Rise. 

Is there any way around this through CSS?

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Steve Larson

I'd like to add to this and request the ability to change the contrast tint color as well as set it to 0%.  The most annoying aspect of this is having to explain why the image color is not correct, it's a vicious circle.

Why is the image color wrong? ... "because of the text contrast that we can only set between 10 to 90%"

Can you edit the CSS? ... "I can try"

Why isn't the project complete, what have you been doing? ...  "Trying the edit the CSS"

Forget that and finish the project ... "OK"

Why is the image color wrong? ... 

Andrew Nygren

Consider this another vote for this change. A lot of companies (mine included) are very particular about the shade and colour of their logos and themes. Without a 0% contrast option it is almost impossible to make something that meets the brief. And it sets a very negative tone, right out the gate, during sign-off of the rest of the project.