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Hello!  I am trying to build social / community learning into our course on Rise.  I want to embed to a specific group / feed in Yammer.

Here is what Yammer says:
 https://developer.yammer.com/v1.0/docs/embed/ scroll down to "Specified Feed" "Note that you can also generate this code for a specific group feed using the “Embed this feed” quick link in the right sidebar of any group.  Also, for User and Topic feeds, you can specify which group should be the default for posts from the embedded feed using the defaultGroupId parameter."

I have been successful in embedding Yammer using this code but it takes me to my home feed:

<iframe name="embed-feed" frameborder="none" scrolling="no" src="https://web.yammer.com/embed/groups/eyJfdHlwZSI6Ikdyb3VwIiwiaWQiOiI0NzQ2NDI0MzIwMCJ9/all?header=false&promptText=%22Post%20your%20proposed%20solution%22"></iframe> )

Here is the code that Yammer provides me.  How do I put this in the <iframe> coding?

<div id="embedded-feed" style="height:800px; width:400px;"></div>
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://canary-azure.assets-yammer.com/assets/platform_embed.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
container: "#embedded-feed",
network: "microsoft.com",
feedType: "group",
feedId: "47464243200"

Thank you so much!

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Jennifer Gailey

A co-worker discovered the problem in the URL - removing the "/all?" switch fixed it, so the code that works looks like this:

<iframe name="embed-feed" frameborder="none" scrolling="no" src="https://web.yammer.com/embed/groups/eyJfdHlwZSI6Ikdyb3VwIiwiaWQiOiI0NzQ2NDI0MzIwMCJ9?header=false&promptText=Post%20your%20proposed%20solution"></iframe>