Rise not quite there yet?

Jan 16, 2018

I love Rise, however my biggest niggle is that in blocks you add text under the line, but in the other activities the text goes above the line - weird to say the least!

Other niggles:

Adding images beside text blocks has different line spacing than when you had a paragraph. 

Cant add images to activities, only to blocks.

And still cant edit title text color except via css?


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Crystal Horn

Hi Air San.  Thanks for taking the time to give us some feedback!  Let me see if I can help with each point:

  1. Can you give me a screenshot of what you mean about the text going above or below the line?  Are you talking about in the authoring phase, or what the course looks like to a learner?
  2. For this point, it sounds like you need the text in a paragraph block to align with the text in an "image with text" block.  Am I understanding that correctly?
  3. To which activities were you trying to add images?
  4. Yes, you're right.  The title of the course is in white font, and lesson titles are in black font.

Once I make sure I understand your ideas, I can certainly submit feature requests on your behalf!

air san

On a blocks page, the text goes under the line as per screen shot. You cannot put it above the line (i.e. in the lesson header). On a dedicated activity (ie pre-built lesson page), text can only go above the line (in the lesson header) and cannot be put below. This creates a design inconsistency. 

Not on your screenshot above the text sites at the bottom (next to image). Note also the overhand of the image on the left side. Not able to align the text to the top or middle - or align the image.

Cannot add images or text to dedicated activity pages (i.e. pre-built lessons), only block pages. 

There are other things that should be possible in the WYSIWYG text editor e.g. aligning text top, middle and bottom etc etc. Padding would also be good, as would line height.

Another is the padding above the flashcard stack, when set to nil, is too much. It doesn't actually go to nil even if set - even though other blocks do.

I also note you can edit some heading font on some blocks, but cannot on others.

Overall its pretty inconsistent. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Air, 

Thanks for that feedback and I know some other folks have asked for updates around the padding/margins included in each lesson and Rise as a whole. I'll be sure to share this discussion with our team as we continue to look at those new enhancements! 

You mentioned not being able to add images or text to any of the pre-built lessons, could you tell me a bit more about that? I tested out a Process interaction and a Labelled graphic and was able to add in text and images to both using the pre built text fields and the options to insert media.