RISE: passing quiz but won't continue

Hey there! I have set up a course that has two languages in it. I have to put everything together b/c the branching won't recognize in our LMS. I have a quiz they are required to achieve 100% and move forward for each language within the course. I have it set up where both languages are included but navigate them for their own language and then come back in the end. My issue is the one quiz will not allow me to continue even though I pass 100% I've included a picture for you to see I'm not crazy. How can I get this to continue after they pass the quiz. Is there any reason it wouldn't continue?

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Julie Stelter

I'm working on a similar problem this morning. It ended up that 2 previous lessons which I had completed were not marked as such. Stay tuned.

I think or hope the issue is that RISE or the LMS is getting confused with the button stack. For my course, I'm going to remove the CONTINUE button to force the use of the button stack so there is only one way to get through the course. Stay tuned.

New plan. I'm removing the button stack instead. I'm sad about this :(