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Elizabeth Pawlicki

Hi Rachna!  In order for the feedback to appear on the correct/incorrect answer choices, the setting for "Reveal Answers" needs to be toggled to on.  It's the last toggle in the second screenshot you provided.  More detail on the Rise quiz settings can be found here.  I hope that helps, and let me know if you have any questions! 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Rachna,

You could certainly require a passing score in order for the user to continue in the course and also have an unlimited number of retries as you can see here.

Sounds like you may be looking for individual question attempts, which can be accomplished in Storyline.

If this is a feature you'd like to see in Rise, I'd encourage you to share your idea as well as your use-case with our team here.

Sherry Hunter


 I have shared this idea as identified by Leslie above.  It would be nice have the users receive feedback for each question, to know whether their answer was correct or incorrect, and NOT show the answer.  This would support the users ability to re-take until they pass with the required passing score.  For our training measure we will use the number of attempts on the quiz as a measure of information retention and to identify training opportunities.

Dave Demyan

Please continue to track and respond on this needed feature. Requiring the show of correct/incorrect answers with feedback when all you want to show is if they got it right or wrong does not help the learner, it just spoon feeds them the answer they need to pass. I don't need to point out this is not educationally sound in all cases.

Crystal Horn

Hi, Sinead. You can embed a third party form or survey tool in your lesson to allow learners to enter their thoughts or notes without formal assessment. Open you block library, and choose a multimedia > embed block. Try placing a continue block underneath that they can click when they're done, and you can reveal a text block with your general feedback below!

Rick Maranta

I have to second Dawn's request. It is very important that we tell them if they got it wrong or right without flagging the correct answer. This is a no-brainer feature. I don't get what is taking so long to get this feature done. Maybe if Articulate didn't spend so much time on stuff like 360 images we might get some sorely needed features. 

Knowledgefront Digital Learning

HI - Just supporting the thread above about showing if a response is correct or incorrect without giving the answer. Not being able to do this is a real issue for our client and is preventing them using Rise. It seems like a basic requirement, that should be simple to fix, if you enter correct and incorrect feedback this should should be independent of the show correct answer option.