Rise Quiz not letting you continue

Aug 26, 2021

Hi, I've created a basic 4 question Rise quiz. I want people to be able to continue even if they fail the quiz as the feedback pretty much tells them the corrective action. 

However, I have 'Requires passing score to continue' turned off. But it doesn't matter if I fail it, it never displays the continue button at the end of the quiz.

Given they're more knowledge checks I've decided to switch to a lesson with knowledge checks instead. But it's frustrating as I'm either missing something or it's not working as intended.

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Zoe Handscombe

i have had a similar problem with one of my quizzes.  I turned the passing score to zero, turned off the requirement for a passing score and the option of retaking it, but I still cannot get past the quiz unless the answers were all correct - there was no option of continuing if the quiz had been failed.

Any suggestions?