Rise - Quiz Scoring for multiple quiz blocks

I have a course built that has 10 questions spread over 5 quiz blocks. The user experience would be improved if I could hide the % scored for each individual quiz block and produce a final quiz score block that would report back/ marker of completion via SCORM. I know I can do this in ST360, however, the branding and approved look is in the RISE platform at this time.


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Christèle Galland
Allison LaMotte

Rise reports raw data from all quizzes in a course. You’ll just need to understand how to work with your LMS to extract that detail.  

Hi Allison, 

Is it true for quizzes created with Storyline and published in Review (and added into Rise) ?

Thanks !


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Christèle!

You can track the Storyline block quiz score by choosing the quiz tracking option when you publish from Storyline to Review 360. Then, choose to track the Rise course by the Storyline block. Check out more details in this article.

In that scenario, the quiz score will be sent to the LMS, but question-level details aren't sent to the LMS for Storyline blocks. Let me know if that answers your question!