Rise - Quiz Scoring for multiple quiz blocks

Apr 20, 2018

I have a course built that has 10 questions spread over 5 quiz blocks. The user experience would be improved if I could hide the % scored for each individual quiz block and produce a final quiz score block that would report back/ marker of completion via SCORM. I know I can do this in ST360, however, the branding and approved look is in the RISE platform at this time.


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Anna McHale

Hi there, I am also really keen for this feature to be added, as per Storyline... much prefer to sprinkle the assessment questions throughout, than one large one at the end... much better experience... agree that Rise is the way forward for beautiful looking content, also after this feature, which seems to be super popular :). Look forward to more updates! Thank you :)


Anna McHale


I am also really keen for this feature to be explored, as it would be great to scatter the actual assessment over the whole module, rather than only being able to track one storyline block...

Couldn't you 'track' the course completion based on x, y, and z blocks (have tick boxes for the slides you want to track as you do in the Storyline Quiz area??)...

It stands with the principles of 'think, think, do... think, think, do...' which Tom Kuhlmann made really clear as the best way to keep interest in a course...

Thanks for your time on this

Renz Sevilla

Hi again Anna! Thanks for following up and sharing your feedback on this. Appreciate your thoughts on how we can improve quiz tracking for multiple quizzes. We don't have any updates yet, but I'll be sure to update you if we have any news! 

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Jay Couvillon

I've created my own thread but wanted to add it here. 

I have courses with a lot of content in them and rather than having a single quiz with dozens of questions, I want to set quizzes at the end of each section. I would like to be able to show the overall score of all quizzes taken at the end of the course, and I'd like to be able to track course completion by all questions answered. Is it not possible to create a setting that basically adds all quiz questions into a single question pool behind the scenes? Then, like in Storyline, you can track the result of a single block of questions? The user might see the quiz broken up into parts but Rise treats all questions as part of a whole?

Indrani Sen

Tracking multiple quizzes, and then reporting as one assessment can be done in 360, right?

So, I have two main quiz parts (Part 1 and 2).  The user gets a final grade as a summation of Part 1 and 2.  Is that possible?  Is that possible via a final results slide? If you, do you have an example?  Thanks,


Amy ONeill


Is there any movement on this request? I just lodged a request as well for the same thing and have seen this feature has been requested by so many more people.

Considering it has been a feature users have been asking for the past 4 years, it is disappointing to see no progress so far. It is a fairly standard practice in L&D to track multiple assessment items and while rise looks great, there is no point in it looking flash if key functionality isn't there.

What is the criteria to meet for a feature to actually be considered for development? I understand the purpose of asking us to lodge feature requests however if there no plans to put them forward then development then please - at least tell us!