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My institution recently purchased two subscriptions to Articulate 360. We built two modules in Rise, and added quizzes. They looked amazing! However, my director mentioned that our department needs very detailed reports based on the learner's responses; what they did for each activity, for each quiz. I've gathered this isn't possible in Rise unless you create lots of separate quizzes is that correct? 

We have then decided to re-create everything in Storyline with the hopes that our LMS reports will then be more detailed. Is that correct? 

Can anyone provide clarification on this? We were shocked to find out Rise only provides a limited LMS feedback. 

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Karl Muller

Hi Kara,

SCORM 1.2 provides the least information to the LMS. It does not provide learner responses to questions answered, for example. You need to publish for SCORM 2004 to get this information.

Rise does not report activity at Lesson block level.

Then every LMS is also very different. It may not record all data that was sent from the SCORM course.

One LMS may offer minimal reports, some more detailed.